The Universal Star Registry Ltd is an independent registry of the stars found in each of the 88 constellations. Within each of these constellations there are hundreds of thousands of individual stars.
At the Universal Star Registry Ltd, members of the public can choose a star from one of the constellations and rename it.

From that date forward it will be forever identified and recognised by the Universal Star Registry Ltd under the new registered name that you choose.

Prior to being renamed all stars are referred to by their astronomical catalogue number or telescopic coordinates. Once a star has been assigned a new name it will be uniquely registered forever with the Universal Star Registry Ltd in our database.

For obvious reasons the constellations from the main astrological star signs are the most popular and as such carry a premium price.

We have provided some guidance on which constellations are best suited to occasions such as child birth, weddings, anniversary and remembrance.

You will see our advice next to the constellation name when choosing your options.

If you are struggling to make a choice and would like us to make a choice for you simply choose that option in the drop down list and we will do everything else for you. This way is often more fun and allows you to discover your star in the sky for yourself.

The Universal Star Registry Ltd will accept any name up to 30 characters long (unless deemed offensive or provocative) to be renamed in our registry. This could be in celebration of a new birth, a birthday, a wedding couple, anniversary, a memorial plus many more ideas.

Only a small number of stars in each constellation are actually visible with the naked eye. You will be provided with the co-ordinates of your registered star and constellation details.

You should understand that very few stars will be visible without the use of telescopic equipment.

The Universal Star Registry Ltd cannot guarantee that you will ever see your star because visibility depends on several factors including the ambient street light, weather, time of year, position of the star and your own eyesight. You can however view the star on Google Sky using the coordinates provided. 

Nobody can own a star. We are just offering the opportunity to register and name within the Universal Star Registry Ltd.

The Universal Star Registry Ltd can categorically say that each and every star renamed with the Universal Star Registry Ltd is 100% unique.

Only stars registered with us appear in our registry. This product is meant as a novelty type gift and should be treated as such.

All of our gift packages are despatched the same day (If placed before 1pm on a weekday) on your selected service. If placed after 1pm it is very likely that your order will be dispatched the following day.

All deliveries are made on Weekdays only (Monday - Friday). The delivery times will depend on your location and delivery service you choose.

We accept all major debit and credit cards and payment wallets.