A constellation is simply a group of stars found in a particular area of the celestial sphere.

By splitting the sphere into grid-like segments (known as constellations), scientists and astronomers have for centuries been able to explore and log results on new stars in each of the constellations.

There are 88 constellations in total, all of which are listed below along with their individual description. We have suggested alongside this, a list of possible uses which could be appropriate for a particular event.

It is well worth a look through the individual meanings as you may find something even more personal than those we have suggested.


Constellation Description Best Visible UK Suggestions
Andromeda Princess November Weddings / Romance / Love / Anniversaries
Antlia Air Pump April Science / Invention / Technology
Apus Bird of Paradise July Weddings / Romance / Love / Anniversaries
Aquarius Water Bearer October Zodiac Sign
Aquila Eagle August Memorial / Remembrance
Ara Altar July Weddings / Romance / Love / Anniversaries
Aries Ram December Zodiac Sign
Auriga Charioteer February - March Fathers Day / Family / Memorial
Bootes Herdsman June Fathers Day / Family / Memorial
Caelum Sculptors Chisel January Art / Artistic / Craft
Camelopardalis Giraffe February Animal lovers / Wildlife / Animal remembrance
Cancer Crab March Zodiac Sign
Canes Venatici Hunting Dogs May Dogs / Wildlife / Animal Lovers / Animal Remembrance
Canis Major Large Dog February Animal Lovers / Animal Remebrance
Canis Minor Small Dog March Animal Lovers / Animal Remebrance
Capricornus Sea Goat September Zodiac Sign
Carina Ship's Keel March Sailing / Exploration
Cassiopeia Queen November Mothers Day / Family / Memorial
Centaurus Centaur May Fathers Day / Family / Memorial
Cepheus King November Fathers Day / Family / Memorial
Cetus Whale November Greek Mythology / Sea / Animals
Chamaeleon Chameleon April Animals / Animal Lovers / Wildlife / Exotic Animals
Circinus Compasses July Technology / Art / Masonic
Columba Dove February Memorial / Remembrance
Coma Berenices Berenice's Hair May Mythology / Love / Romance
Corona Australis Southern Crown August Greek Mythology
Corona Borealis Northern Crown July Greek Mythology
Corvus Crow May Greek Mythology / Animals / Birds
Crater Cup April Greek Mythology
Crux Southern Cross May Astronomy / Navigation
Cygnus Swan September Weddings / Romance / Love / Anniversaries
Delphinus Dolphin September Love / Wedding / Mythology
Dorado Swordfish January Animals / Wildlife / Animal Lovers
Draco Dragon July Mythology / Reptiles
Equuleus Colt September Animal Lovers / Animal Remebrance
Eridanus River December Mythology / Rivers
Fornax Furnace December Baking / Bread / Festival
Gemini Twins February Zodiac Sign
Grus Crane / Stork October New Baby / Christening / Baptism / 1st Birthday
Hercules Champion July Fathers Day / Family / Memorial
Horologium Pendulum Clock December Invention / Technology / Time
Hydra Sea Serpent April Mythology / Male Serpent
Hydrus Serpent November Mythology / Female Serpent
Indus Native Indian September Exploration / Adventure
Lacerta Lizard October Reptiles / Animals
Leo Lion April Zodiac Sign
Leo Minor Little Lion April New Baby / Christening / Baptism / 1st Birthday
Lepus Rabbit January Animal Lovers / Animal Remebrance
Libra Scales June Zodiac Sign
Lupus Hare June Mythology / Wild Animals / Hunting
Lynx Cat March Animal Lovers / Animal Remebrance
Lyra Harp August Music / Poetry / Art
Mensa Table mountain January Mountains / South Africa
Microscopium Microscope September Science / Technology
Monoceros Unicorn February Greek Mythology
Musca Fly May Greek Mythology
Norma Carpenter's Square July Carpentry / Design / Crafts
Octans Octant October Navigation / Exploration
Ophiuchus Serpent Bearer July Greek Mythology / Healing / Medicine
Orion Hunter January Fathers Day / Family / Memorial
Pavo Peacock August Animal Lovers / Animal Remebrance
Pegasus Winged Horse October Greek Mythology / Water / Fountains
Perseus Hero December Weddings / Romance / Love / Anniversaries
Phoenix Fire Bird November Memorial / Remembrance
Pictor Painter's Easel January Art / Artist / Painter
Pisces Fishes November Zodiac Sign
Piscis Austrinus Southern Fish October Memorial / Remembrance
Puppis Stern of Ship February Sailing / Exploration / Travel
Pyxis Ship's Compass March Navigation / Sailing / Exploration
Reticulum Net January Astronomy / Navigation
Sagitta Arrow August Greek Mythology
Sagittarius Archer August Zodiac Sign
Scorpius Scorpion July Zodiac Sign
Sculptor Sculptor November Artist / Sculptor / Workshop
Scutum Shield August Victory / King / Battle
Serpens Serpent July Mythology / Healing
Sextans Sextant April Navigation / Astronomy
Taurus Bull January Zodiac Sign
Telescopium Telescope August Astronomy / Science
Triangulum Triangle December Geometry / Astronomy
Triangulum Australe Southern Triangle July Geometry / Surveying
Tucana Toucan November Birds / Wildlife / Nature
Ursa Major Big Bear April Greek Mythology
Ursa Minor Little Bear June New Baby / Christening / Baptism / 1st Birthday
Vela Sails March Sailing / Navigation / Exploration
Virgo Virgin May Zodiac Sign
Volans Flying Fish March Nature / Fish / Animals
Vulpecula Little Fox September Nature / Hunting