The Universal Star Registry was founded in 2012 with the mission of creating a lasting record of the world's re-named stars. Today, the Universal Star Registry is home to nearly a million stars, making it possibly the largest star registry in the world.

The Universal Star Registry also offers a unique gift-giving service, allowing you to name a star after a loved one and preserve it forever.

The Universal Star Registry offers a wide variety of services, including star naming and star charting.

About the Universal Star Registry Star Naming Service

Once registered you can be assured that this unique gift will be preserved for all time. A Universal Star Registry Certificate is the perfect way to commemorate a special event or to show someone you care.

A Universal Star Registry Certificate can be personalised to any date for any occasion and supplied with a high quality commemorative keepsake like our silver plated paper weights which are hand engraved in Yorkshire. The Universal Star Registry is the only star registry that offers this unique service.

The Universal Star Registry has a wide range of personalised products to choose from. All of our gifts are of the highest quality.

Whether you are looking for a romantic gift or a present for a special occasion, the Universal Star Registry has the perfect solution and a gift set to suit every budget.

If you have someone you really want to show that your love for them is ever lasting then registering and naming a star after them is the perfect way to do it. It is an unusual and unique gift that will be remembered forever.

It couldn't be simpler to find and name a star with The Universal Star Registry.