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How It Works

The Universal Star Registry is an independent registry of the stars found in each of the 88 constellations (or group of stars). Within each of these constellations are hundreds of thousands of individual stars.

At Universal Star Registry members of the public can choose a star from one of the constellations and rename it. From that date forward it will be forever identified and recognised by the Universal Star Registry by the new registered name.

Prior to being renamed, all stars are referred to by their Astronomical catalogue number or telescopic coordinates.

Once a star has been assigned a new name, it will be uniquely registered forever with the Universal Star Registry both in the formal written registry and also in the public registry found online at this website.

Below are a number of F.A.Q's
What Can I Call My Star?
The Universal Star Registry will accept any name (unless deemed offensive or provocative) to be renamed in our registry.
This could be in celebration of a new birth, a birthday, a wedding couple, anniversary, boyfriend/girlfriend, a memorial plus many many more ideas.
Can I See My Star?
Only a small number of stars are visible with the naked eye in each constellation. You will be provided with the coordinates of your registered star and constellation details. The truth is very few will be visible without the use of telescopic equipment. Even with the use of this equipment there is no guarantee that you will ever see your star.

Do I Own The Star?
Absolutely not. In reality nobody owns the stars. We are just offering the opportunity to register a name with the Universal Star Registry.

Can Someone Else Name The Same Star?
The Universal Star Registry can categorically say that each and every star renamed with the Universal Star Registry is 100% unique.
Please note there are a number of registration companies each with their own catalogued registration system. Put simply, only stars registered with us appear in our registry.
This product is meant as a novelty type gift and should be treated as such.

Can I Order Extra Copies Of My Certificate?
Yes. There is an option when ordering online to add as many copies as required. Additionally if ordering by phone please tell our staff when placing your order. Each additional certificate £5 extra.

How Long Does It Take To Arrive?
All basic packages are despatched NEXT WORKING DAY on a 24hr service.
All deluxe packages (Bronze to Diamond) are engraved and depatched in 5 working days

Is it safe to order online?
Absolutely YES!!. Universal Star Registry operates a fully secure PCI DSS compliant payment facility. Payment is accepted through Actinic Payments using the very latest secure payment protection facility.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
We accept ALL major debit and credit cards (with exception of AmEx). Payment can also be made by bank transfer, Paypal, Cheque or Postal Order. Under no circumstances should you send payment by cash.